I keep my love in my closet

For you to show me your closet means so much to me
Because I know you have a lock
When I walked in I saw the hurt all over the floor
I had to step over the stumbling pain
I heard the lonesome laughter
I saw the mending wounds
I peeped around the personal faults
I had to throw away that old love that had gone bad
I saw the candle in the corner …the desolate hope
Dimly lit with barely a glow
That glimmer of light was enough to show through
From behind the wasted time above the pain
I saw the hope that I would be able to get through all of this to your secret stash
I was searching seeking sifting through the fillers and the junk
The parasitic squander was quarantined and will be taken off the premises

I am so glad you allowed me to walk into your closet
Because it was where your heart was put away

I have a closet of my own
I don’t even know what is in there until something falls out
I usually don’t let it show
I feel privileged to have seen your closet now will you go through mine?


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